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Real Students Passing TEXES Exams

TEXES History – TEXES 233 – Testimony by Jorge Q.

Just to let you know I passed my TEXES 233 history exam, so thanks for all the help. Also, the questions were very helpful as those questions were on the exam. I think you gave me way too much content to read. Maybe you can update the course as the content was extensive. Just some feedback. Thanks

TEXES Music   – TEXES 177 – Testimony by Hector Z.  


My wife signed me up for this tutoring program as I took the Music exam 4 times already. I had one last chance. I started the program, and I did not like it. I felt I needed more strategies, which I was not getting. In fact, we asked for a refund too. After discussing with the manager, we decided to continue. They modified the program to provide more strategies and questions. As weeks progressed, I felt better and better. I still was doubtful of passing especially after taking it 4 times already. I took the test and I followed all the strategies the tutor gave, and I am thrilled to report I PASSED. I got 244, and I very happy to complete this program, and I do not have to worry about the exam every again or worry about getting wavier to take it again.


TEXES Business and Finance – TEXES 276 – Testimony by Michael B. 


Hello Ron, I took my 276 test last week, and I got a 253. Thank you so much for helping me on the exam. This means a lot to me and my family as my job depended on it. God bless you.

TEXES School Counselor  – TEXES 152 – Testimony by Farah Y. 


I took the school counselor exam and I got 255. I increased by 40 points. You are the best. Keep up the good work.

TEXES Bilingual Education Supplemental – TEXES 164 – Testimony by Maria T. 



Here is my testimony

My tutor was Jonna, and I am very happy that I worked with her. I needed to pass before March 1st to keep my job for next school year. I tried 2 times before and missed by 30 points Jonna had a lot of content knowledge related to the bilingual education supplement, which helped a lot. I also liked the way she told me on how to look at the questions and break it out. The strategies for keyword identification helped out a lot. This program is well worth. Thanks again and I recommend this program to everyone needing to passing TEXES 164 Bilingual exam.

TEXES CORE Subjects 4-8 – TEXES 211 – Testimony by Manny T. 

First, I signed up for Varsity Tutors for the CORE 4-8 exam as oppose Texas Tutoring as Varsity Tutors gave more hours. I paid for Varsity Tutors and my tutors rescheduled the first session 2 times. When I started the Varsity Tutors program, my tutor was asking about materials I had. I was shocked. I took the test 2 times before and did not pass anything, so what I have did not help. I had a bad feeling about this program, and I asked for my refund. Then, I did sign up for Texes Tutoring, and I am very pleased with the support. They provide everything and A LOT. They gave me 2 tutors as I was really struggling in the math part. The tutors explain everything in detail. They are responsive. I have only positive things to say about this program. When I took the test, I passed everything except for math. I was close. I got 237. They gave me 4 additional sessions for free as it was guarantee to pass. After the second round, I did PASS the Math portion. Very happy about that. Thank you guys so much. Keep up the good work.

TEXES ELA and Reading 4–8 – TEXES 117 – Testimony by Juanita G. 


My husband signed me up for this tutoring program as I was taking the TEXES 117 and English is my second language. He knew I needed support. I did pass the first time I took the test, so I have my teaching certification. I also have a job lined up, so I am very excited about this new chapter in my life.


TEXES Educational Diagnostician – TEXES 153 – Testimony by Miguel P. 


Just to let you know, I passed the educational diagnostician test with flying colors! Thanks for the help!


TEXES School Librarian – TEXES 150 – Testimony by Rachel F. 


I know it's late and on a Friday, but I want to let you all know that I took the Library 150 for the 5th and final chance. I am HAPPY to say that "I PASSED!"  My last score was 235 and this time I scored 254!!!!!! Thank you JACOB for your time, patience, and guidance during my Tutoring time.   

TEXES Principal as Instructional Leader – TEXES 268 – Testimony by Juanita G. 


Hello Jacob!! Yes, I tried to notify you that....... I PASSED THE EXAM with a 241!!! I wanted to personally thank you for all the hard work you put in to help me study and pass the test!!!

You're really awesome!!! I'd do a testimonial for you ANY day!!

Once again, I am grateful to you for helping me when I thought I had nowhere to turn and feeling like all odds were against me... you reassured me.

TEXES Chemistry – TEXES 240 – Testimony by Rebecca H.


Here is my testimony. I did pass and I thank you guys, but I also thought this was just expensive, and I have expressed that in my statement. I am being honest.

Before doing the tutoring program, I took TEXES 240 Chemistry 2 times. I failed it by 8 points each time. I was very very baffled as to why I was failing as I am a chemistry major. I was not keen about spending $600 but I did not know what to do. I know chemistry as I had 3.8 GPA. I was desperate, so I paid the $600. Obviously this program is good as I passed with the tutoring service. I am very very happy and thankful, but I did 4 sessions for $600; this is expensive. The only good thing about this service is my tutor went over questions and content that was on the exam. She did not go over everything that was on the exam, but what she did go over in the 4 sessions was on the exam. Other than that, this is expensive. I only recommend this program is you really at your last straw. But, these people are very nice and knowledge. Thank you


TEXES Social Studies  – TEXES 232 – Testimony by Kennisha Y. 


The TExES Tutoring services helped me not only in gaining more knowledge of the content but also by building my confidence. My tutors were easy to talk to and were available whenever I needed them! This is a great service for anyone whose having issues passing any TExES exam and I would definitely  recommend them!


Best TEXES Online Tutoring in the State

TEXES Physical Education – TEXES 158 – Testimony by Rice K.

Hello, I wanted to tell you guys I passed! Also, I cannot remember the name of this service, I referred a teacher at my school to you guys but I do not have your company name to give her, so she can check out the website! Thanks! 


TEXES EC-6 CORE – TEXES 291 – Testimony by Thomas U. 


To potential students: I took the exam three times while they were giving the test for free. I failed each part because I could not find study material. My friend told me about this program helping her pass the 191 exam. I was hesitant to spend over $1000 but I knew I needed help. I am glad I took the risk. The tutoring program is good. What you do in class is what is on the exam. The service works around your schedule. I have two kids and job and they worked with my scheduled. I passed all parts of 291. This program works.


TEXES PPR EC–12 – TEXES 160 – Testimony by Lindsey L. 


I used Texes for the special education exam and the PPR. I had failed the special education twice before and was desperate to pass. Although Texes is very expensive, I have successfully passed two exams. The tutor would send me information and assess my weaker area. He would send practice test every week about 20 questions each week and we would go over them. This ended up being very beneficial.


TEXES Mathematics 7-12  – TEXES 235 – Testimony by Cor I. 


Dear David L and Derrick F,

Within the quotation marks is my testimonial.


“ I want to make a career change from Chemical Engineer to High School Math teacher.  In order to interview at the local school district in the Spring in needed to pass the 7-12 grade TEXES math test in the Fall.  One is allowed to take this test up to 5 times, a month and half apart each time.  In order to meet all my requirements to teach in the Spring I need to pass the test the first attempt.  Statistics indicate the this particular test has a 50% failure rate.


I started with the TEA example tests I realized I need to solve a lot of problems like the ones found on the test in order to pass.  I would also need some help setting up the problems and someone to help me refresh me on some math basics.  A Google search turned up TEXES Tutoring Service.  Its not a cheap service, but if it were not for their service I would not have passed the test on the first attempt.  I highly recommend the service if it is your goal to pass your first attempt or your next attempt.”


Here is a bit of a critical comment.  I will let you decide if you’d like to use these comments.


(1) As a Chemical Engineer I can afford your service.  I know of others that are trying to be teachers that can not afford the $1,650.  To me the value was in working through all the multiple choice problems that David sent me.  The hints when I got stuck and his emphasis on reading the problem closely were key to my success.


(2) There were a couple of times I had to open a chat with an administrator, to find our when I might get a response to my email questions from David L.  My expectation was that for $1,650 the response should be within 24 hours.  Perhaps, that was an incorrect assumption.  After the second request for response, David became very good at a 24 hour turnover.  Clearly, David knows his math and I appreciate his patience with me.  For the last assignment, David was there giving me help until the very end.


At the end of the day, David L and TEXES Tutoring service gave me the confidence to tackle the 100 problems of the 7-12 grade TEXES math test and pass the first time and that’s all that matters.


Thanks, Cor.


TEXES EC-6 CORE – TEXES 291 – Testimony by Abby R.



Thank you TEXES Tutoring Services for helping me pass the 291 exam. Larry and David were very helpful in getting me the knowledge to pass the exam. I am very weak with math, so David helping me each week really paid off.

To all Texas Teachers – I passed the 291 the first time I took the exam. I took the 191 exam 7 times before the state changed it to 291. I was really worried about taking 291 as I only have 5 attempts with the new law in Texas. I was unsure what to do because I tried everything to pass 191 and was unsuccessful. My mother found this website and told me about it. I talked to the agent several times and was not really sure if I should do the program as it was over $1000. This was a lot of money working as a substitute teacher. My parents helped me in paying for the course fee, and I am very glad I signed up for the course. The tutors knew the exam very well and they explained to be everything I needed. When I took the exam, I felt very confident and I knew I was going to pass. I recommend this program to everyone looking to pass the exam.


TEXES Mathematics 7-12  – TEXES 235 – Testimony by Jennifer Ground.


Jennifer Ground


  Here is my testimony:


  I took the Texes Math 7-12 Exam. I had a Math minor in college, but I had not used it in 20 years. The exam covers many areas of Math, from Algebra I to Calculus, and I had no idea where to start preparing. Texes tutoring organized the material and presented in a way I could learn and build on.  I took the 8 week course in 4 weeks. My tutor was great. He even scheduled a session on Fathers Day. The material was good and the videos my tutor sent me were great. I passed the 5 hour exam on the first try!  I could not have done it without them. 

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