About TEXES Preparation Tutors

Our organization started supporting students over 10 years ago to provide high-quality support on the TEXES Exam. We are educators, and we have always known the importance of passing certification exams. With that in mind and a passion for teaching, we developed online tutoring courses aligned to the TEXES Exams.


At our organization, we have a team of tutors who provide quality instructions tailored to the real exam. We also have a research team that keeps content and questions updated to ensure students get exposed to updated information. On top of all that, we have a team of quality managers assigned to ensure students are getting the full experience to pass the TEXES.


TEXES Tutoring Services has dedicated over a decade to supporting students with TEXES Exams via online tutoring services. We have devoted our lives to TEXES and ensuring our students get the best preparation to be successful. TEXES Tutoring Services’ has supported countless students in passing the TEXES exams, from providing updated content to similar exam questions to unique test-taking strategies. Unlike other websites, here we are in the business of only supporting students on the TEXES exam.

About Our TEXES Tutors

We only hire those who have deep and strong knowledge related to the TEXES Exams at our organization. We know these exams are very specialized, so we have robust requirements for our tutors, which include:

  • TEXES training required

  • Achieved or seeking master-level education

  • Involved in at least one researching project for exam content

  • Passed TEXES Exams

  • Involved in the development of current standards or researching of exam questions.

  • Previous experience as a tutor, professional, or college instructor. NOTE: Retired candidates are accepted as tutors pending passing the TEXES Exam.


Tutors are responsible for maintaining the highest quality throughout the tutoring course. We establish high standards for our tutors to ensure the full satisfaction of students. Throughout the test prep course, sessions are monitored in our interactive chat classroom to ensure the quality of sessions and communications. Tutors responsibilities include:

  • Completing assessment sessions

  • Teaching TEXES content materials

  • Providing homework and quizzes on time

  • Completely weekly assessment sessions and mid review

  • Responding to emails in a timely manner

  • Completing tutoring sessions on time

  • Providing real exam questions and content along with test tips

  • Monitoring progression of weak areas

​Why are we the best for TEXES Prep?


Provide specialized tutoring focused on the TEXES exams.


EZ TEXES Tutoring Services focus on the TEXES exams ONLY. We specialize in providing reviews for the TEXES exam. We do not provide general tutoring services. We have devoted significant time and energy to developing exam review courses for the updated TEXES exam.


Tutors who are verified to teach related to the TEXES.


EZ TEXES Tutoring Services look specifically for those who have knowledge related to the TEXES subject areas. The organization focuses on TEXES.


Provide support aligned to the TEXES exams.


EZ TEXES Tutoring Services provide support aligned to the exams, and experts verify it. Our tutors have done significant research for the TEXES exam.


Updated exam knowledge and practice questions related to the TEXES exam.


TEXES Tutors have devoted their lives to the TEXES. We focus on the exams every day and keep content and materials updated. We have reviewed the test plans released by the test makers for the TEXES Exams, and we have developed full review courses that cover everything you need to pass.


Options to get free tutoring if you do not pass the exam.


EZ TEXES Tutoring Services is confident in getting you to pass, which is why we have course retake options if you fail.

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